Carriageways gap safety mesh.

The danger of falling from dual carriageway bridges through the carriageways gap resulted in safety guidelines to prevent such events. All gaps from 0.3 to 10 m wide should be fitted with a grating or mesh. Apart from improved safety, the safety devices can help rescue teams get to the site of an emergency or evacuate casualties. Every second is precious when human life is at stake. To help bridge constructors, Ankra Sp. z o.o. developed a new solution: precast bridge fascia panels for mounting grating or meshes in gaps. The anchors for meshes are fixed to the panels without any damage to their integrity. The meshes are corrosion coated, and the mounts are protected to prevent water ingress into the footpath slab. The components can be removed. We provide comprehensive after-sale product services: service and maintenance.

Ankra Sp. z o.o. can fix meshes to existing fascia panels. The operation involves specialist drilling in the existing panels or replacing individual panels with precast fascia panels to which mesh or grating can be fixed. If existing panels are used, we guarantee the integrity of the drilled components and tightness of the seats for anchoring the mesh or grating.

Service and maintenace.

Apart from their mechanical qualities, fascia panels determine the aesthetic value of the entire bridge. If colour gelcoat is not maintained properly, the fascia panels’ visual appeal fades away, which can degrade the appearance of complete, otherwise modern, structures. The first potential cause of loss of aesthetic qualities of fascia panels is improper cleaning or even neglected cleaning. The other reason can be lack of maintenance. Ankra Sp. z o.o. can keep your fascia panels professionally clean. We also offer maintenance of the gelcoat where we provide extra protection from harmful elements and road salt. With our long experience with gelcoat application, we can successfully restore the surface of fascia panels. We can bring back the original colour or change it completely.


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