Bridge fascia panels.

Our flagship product, precast polymer concrete fascia plates, comes in various shapes and sizes. The outer surface of the precast panels is gelcoat reinforced with glass fibre.
This technology is also used on marine crafts. This way, the product’s water absorption is further reduced, and the panel can have any colour on the visible side. So, apart from their mechanical properties, fascia panels affect the aesthetic value of the structure


Flat profile.

Angled profile.

Curved profile.

Restoration fascia panel.

Apart from fascia panels with steel brackets to be welded to the reinforcement of the overhang, we offer precast fascia panels that can be fixed to the existing overhang. Restoration fascia panels have a specific number of stainless steel ports embedded in polymer concrete. They can be fixed to adhesive anchors installed in the overhang concrete. This way, damaged precast panels can be replaced, but what is even better, the entire fascia can be restored without removing concrete.



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